Mastermind Production Group Inc.


Whirlwind offers top of the largest range of professional interfacing products. Mastermind Production Group Inc. is an authorized Whirlwind dealer, dedicated to providing quality product along with an unparalleled level of customer support and service on each and every Whirlwind item we sell. Mastermind is also proud to use a variety of Whirlwind snakes, custom panels and other products in our full production events and site installations.


Mastermind's Whirlwind rental inventory includes:

-Whirlwind 300' 48x10 with splitter

-Whirlwind 150' 32x10

-Whirlwind 100' 24x4

-Whirlwind 75' W1 sub snakes with mini 12 boxes

-Whirlwind 50' mini 6 sub snakes


-Director 2


For more information on Whirlwind products for rental or purchase please contact Mastermind Production Group Inc. at (714) 281-2033 or Or visit