Mastermind Production Group Inc.

Rental Terms & Conditions

  • Rental Periods & Rates
    • Minimum rental period is a 1-day rate.
    • Delivery & Pick-up of rental equipment is available upon request. The minimum charge is $50 each way, but will vary depending on trucking needs, time, and location of delivery.
    • Call for rental rates.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions

    1. Cancellation Policy: If the Transaction is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled start of rental the lessee herby agrees to and shall pay a restocking fee equal to 25% of the total according to the lessee's payment terms.

    2. Rental Charges and Interest: The total owed by the lessee under this contract which is more than 15 days overdue  (or any portion of the total overdue), shall bear an interest of 1.5% per month. Lessee also agrees to pay any attorney, court, legal or collection fees related to collection of any balance that is 45 days or more overdue. No sums owed by the lessee will be eligible for any sort of abatement. All equipment must be returned by 11:00a.m. on the agreed return date, unless previously discussed and mutually agreed upon by lessee and Mastermind Production Group Inc.. Mastermind Production Group Inc. withholds the right to refuse lessee's request for later return times.  In the event that the equipment is not so returned, additional rental will be charged for each additional day.

    3. Liability of Mastermind Production Group Inc: The lessee acknowledges that it has examined all equipment and found it in appropriate working order. Lessee has 12 hours after pick up to contact Mastermind Production Group Inc. in regards to damaged or nonworking equipment. In the instance of damaged or inoperable equipment the lessee shall return the equipment during regular operating hours to Mastermind Production Group Inc. for repair or replacement. In the instance that Mastermind Production Group Inc. cannot repair or replace the equipment the lessee is entitled to a pro-rated refund or credit. Lessee accepts that any and all services, equipment and labor are provided without guaranty of any kind. Lessee further understands that Mastermind Production Group Inc. assumes no liability whatsoever for any person, company or other entity for any type of injury or damage claim related to a) equipment b) use of equipment c) any labor or services provided as a result of this contract. Lessee waives the right to any claims against Mastermind Production Group Inc.

    4. Mastermind Production Group Inc. makes no warranties. Lessee acknowledges that the equipment is of a model, size, and design selected by the Lessee.  Mastermind Production Group Inc. has not made and does not make any representation or warranty regarding the condition, quality, durability, suitability, or merchantability of equipment as to the use to which it is being applied.  Lessee agrees to hold MASTERMIND PRODUCTION GROUP INC. harmless for any illegal use, nonperformance of equipment, and specifically for any unauthorized use where life-threatening or substantial risk to life and/or property may be present.

    5. Indemnity: Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Mastermind Production Group Inc. and all of its employees, subcontractors, officers and agents harmless from any legal claims, actions, lawsuits, and other proceedings resulting from use of equipment or execution of this lease. The exception to this being the willful negligence or misconduct of Mastermind Production Group Inc.

    6. Use, Return and Repair: Lessee agrees to return all equipment in the same condition as delivered, at the time and place furnished in this contract. Furthermore, lessee agrees that is shall not remove any of Mastermind Production Group Inc.'s equipment from the state of California without written consent from Mastermind Production Group Inc.. Unless agreed upon within this contract Mastermind Production Group Inc. will not provide labor to operate equipment. Lessee agrees to maintain all equipment in their sole possession and control for the terms of this contract (unless labor is being provided by Mastermind Production Group Inc.). Equipment shall only be used by qualified agents determined by the lessee. Lessee agrees to adhere to any restrictions and laws during the use of this equipment. Once equipment is in the possession of the lessee the lessee is responsible for any loss, damage or theft including but not limited to: burglary, fire, fraud, disappearance, water, confiscation or act of God. In such instances lessee agrees to pay Mastermind Production Group Inc. the full replacement value of the item(s) without depreciation. If item is able to be repaired as determined by Mastermind Production Group Inc. the lessee agrees to pay the actual costs incurred by Mastermind Production Group Inc. to repair the item.  Lessee also agrees to pay Mastermind Production Group Inc. any fees related to loss of revenue due to any loss or damage to equipment during this contract.

    7. Ownership: The lessee acknowledges that Mastermind Production Group Inc. maintains sole ownership, rights and interested to any equipment. Mastermind Production Group Inc. shall keep all equipment free of any liens and agrees to pay any and all taxes or fees related to ownership. Lessee understands that it will not sub-rent, or transfer any of the equipment in this contract to another party. Nor does the lessee have any right to mortgage or guarantee any equipment in this contract to any other party. Any such agreements would be void. No rental payment shall be applied to later purchases of equipment unless agreed upon in writing by lessee and Mastermind Production Group Inc.

    8. Default: In the instance that the lessee breaches any provision of this contract or initiates an act of bankruptcy or insolvency or in the event that a third party takes legal possession of the lessee's property in violation of Mastermind Production Group Inc.'s rights, Mastermind Production Group Inc. reserves the right to notify and enter the lessee's property to remove all the equipment belonging to Mastermind Production Group Inc. without any liability of damages and without prejudice.

    9. Shipment: Unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by Mastermind Production Group Inc. and the lessee, the lessee is responsible for any and all costs of shipment to and from the lessee. Lessee is responsible for any loss or damage of equipment during the shipping process. Mastermind Production Group Inc.'s acceptance of returned equipment does not waive lessee's responsibility for damage prior to return. Mastermind Production Group Inc. will test and check all equipment and inform lessee of any identified damages within 7 days of return.

    10. Union and Incidental Costs: Lessee agrees to be responsible for all union fees, venue fees, promoter fees, dock fees, parking and yard fees, electrical fees and any fees pertaining to weight of equipment, trucking and permitting and any storage fees pertaining to this contract.

    11. Insurance:

    A. Equipment: Lessee agrees that it is responsible, at the lessees cost, to insure all equipment for its full replacement cost. Coverage must begin at the time the equipment leaves Mastermind Production Group Inc's premises. Insurance should name Mastermind Production Group Inc. as the payee for loss or damage to the equipment. Limit of insurance must be sufficient to cover the replacement cost of the entire contract.

    B. General Liability: Lessee agrees to maintain, at its cost, a general liability policy including coverage for independent contractors and contractual liability pursuant to this contract in a policy amount meeting or exceeding $1,000,000 per occurrence. Insurance should name Mastermind Production Group Inc. as an additionally insured for the term of the contract and must include Broad Form Contractual Liability, Personal Injury Liability, Completed Operations and Products Liability. In the case of a claim this policy must be exhausted before and obligation arises under Mastermind Production Group Inc's Insurance.

    C. Insurer: Any insurance obtained by the lessee pursuant to this contract must be issued by an insurance carrier who is authorized to do business in the state of California and who maintains a BEST rating of A or better.

    D. Waiver: All insurance maintained by the lessee in accordance with this contract and its above terms and conditions shall contain a waiver of subrogation against Mastermind Production Group Inc.

    E. Certificate of Insurance: Before taking possession of any equipment the lessee shall provide a certificate of insurance along with any other insured, loss and payee endorsements confirming the coverage specified in the above terms and conditions. All certificates must be signed by an authorized agent of the insurance company.

    12. Legal Proceedings: This lease shall be governed by the laws of the state of California. Lessee agrees that any legal proceedings resulting from this contract will be brought in the Superior Court in the State of California for the County of Orange. Lessee agrees to pay Mastermind Production Group Inc's legal fees that arise from legal proceedings relating to Mastermind Production Group Inc's enforcing the terms and conditions of this contract. The lessor and lessee agree that if the lessor was to breach the provisions of this contract by failing to provide agreed equipment or services that damages would be extremely difficult to determine and any proof of damages would be speculative. Due to these facts, parties agree that in such an event Mastermind Production Group Inc. will be obligated to pay the lessee a sum of $500.00 as liquidated damages and that the lessee shall accept this sum in lieu of all other monetary damages that have or may have been suffered due to lessor's said breach.

    13. Government Permits and Licensing Laws: Lessee is responsible to obtain any permits or licenses pertaining to the use or operations of equipment. Furthermore, the lessee agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

    14. Penal Code Provisions: Lessee acknowledges the California Penal Code Section-484 which states that the intent to commit theft by fraud may be presumed if one who has leased or rented the personal property of another pursuant to a written contract fails to return the property to its owner within 20 days after the owner has made a written demand following the expiration of the lease or contract. Lessee also acknowledges that Penal Code Section-484 also states that such intent may be presumed if one presents to the owner the personal property identification which bears false information for the purposes of obtaining a lease or rental agreement.

    15. Additional Provisions: the general terms and conditions addresses above shall apply to all and any equipment rented or leased from Mastermind Production Group Inc. Section headings are for convenience and should not be considered among the terms and conditions of this contract.