Mastermind Production Group Inc.

Education and Training Programs


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin

Mastermind Production Group Inc. believes that continuing education in industry standards and technology is an important aspect of our brand. Because of this belief we regularly offer training and education opportunities to our employees, contractors, customers and our community. These trainings vary and may include product training, theoretical and practical tech skills courses and beyond. For more information regarding our educational and training programs please email Kate Griswold. Upcoming training dates will also be listed below.


Upcoming Trainings and Events:

SOLD OUT - 1/8/19 - Clear-com Helixnet and Free Speak II

Basic and Advanced Sessions.

1/18/19 - Truth In Audio Level 1 Training.

To register for this training please visit: Truth in Audio

Learn more about:
-Proper gain structure and signal flow from analog to digital
-Using ancillary tools: plug-ins, microphone selection, etc.
-The bridge between FOH and Sound System
-What exactly IS sound
-Loudspeaker design topology
-Using todays modern systems
-The art of tuning


Mastermind is a proud Truth in Audio Partner