Mastermind Production Group Inc.

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Shure offers a wide variety of microphone and headphone solutions. From top performing wireless to specialty instrument microphones and wireless in-ears to premium headphones Shure is a top performer in the industry. Mastermind Production Group Inc. is an authorized Shure dealer and can help you select the Shure microphones or other products that are best suited for your event, space or purpose.

Mastermind's inventory includes the following Shure products:


-Shure UHF-R

-Shure ULXD

-Shure SLX

-Shure PSM600

-Shure PSM900



-SM58 & SM58S



-Beta 52

-Beta 91 & Beta 91A

-Beta 98D/S & Beta 98H/M



Micro-flex 12" Supercardioid Podium Mic & Micro-flex 18" Supercardioid Podium Mic

For more information on Shure microphones and other products for rental or purchase please contact Mastermind Production Group Inc. at (714) 281-2033 or Or visit