Mastermind Production Group Inc.

Mastermind Production Group Inc. recommends Aviom products for all of our client's personal monitor mixer needs. Aviom gives each artist and musician the freedom to control their own mix.

Headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Aviom produces distributed audio networking gear which uses a proprietary digital audio transport system called A-Net, based on the physical layer of Ethernet and carried over Category 5 cables terminated with 8P8C connectors.

Mastermind's rental inventory includes the following Aviom products:

Aviom A-16 II personal mixer

Aviom A-16 D Pro 8 Port A-net Distributer

Aviom AN-16i 16 Channel Input Module

Aviom MTX Expansion Box for A-16 II

Aviom 16/oY1 Yamaha Series Output Card


For more information on Aviom Products for rental or purchase please contact Mastermind Production Group Inc. at (714) 281-2033 or Or visit