Mastermind Production Group Inc.

Audix Microphones specializes in dynamic, condenser, drum and choir microphones. Mastermind Production Group Inc. is an authorized Audix Microphones dealer, dedicated to providing quality product along with an unparalleled level of customer support and service on each and every Audix Microphone we sell.


Mastermind's Audix rental inventory includes:

-Audix Microboom Vocal Condenser Microphones (50" and 24" booms) Microboom Condensers provide a sleek, clean approach maximizing portability without sacrificing quality audio.

- Audix 6" Micropod Shotgun Podium Microphone, Designed for meetings and corporate environments the Micropod 6" podium offers an extended distance pattern and high quality audio with immunity to RF interference.

-Audix D4 The Audix D4 is a hypercardioid drum and instrument microphone for instruments requiring precise low frequency reproduction.

-Audix D6 The Audix D6 provides huge kick drum sound. Ground shaking low end combined with exceptional clarity and attack.

-Audix OM5 The OM5 offers an extremely tight and uniform hypercardioid pattern. This offers feedback resistance and the ability to deal with high SPL's without distortion.

-Audix OM7 The OM7 offers an exceptionally low output level, acting as a natural pad and preserving the high fidelity at the source.

-Audix SCX25A The SCX25A is consistent when responding to on and off-axis signals. With a wide cardioid polar pattern, the SCX25A enables the sound engineer to blend the sound of the instrument or vocal with the sound of the room. The SCX25A will handle SPLs in excess of 135 dB and provides up to 20 dB of ambient noise rejection. This makes it an ideal option for miking acoustic instruments.

For more information on Audix Microphones for rental or purchase please contact Mastermind Production Group Inc. at (714) 281-2033 or Or visit